The Wanderer

Norwegian serial burglar.
Died on Wednesday May 16th 2018

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@The_LA_Wanderer: Pulisic. Pronounced PULI-SITCH. please dont say the other way and get the Balkan slap thnks - 8 hours ago

@quiet__wanderer: RT @shepherdmoon53: feeling a little bit too alive today I may have forgotten to put my skin on this morning if you crash into me I ma… - 9 hours ago

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@xfriendsblog: RT @xfriendsblog: After a long journey, I understand one thing that the road leads so far, said wanderer. - 11 hours ago

@Film_Wanderer: RT @JM_Ashby: If we don't get an Obama/Biden buddy cop movie out of this, what's the point? - 11 hours ago

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@Bbgrlny: RT @caringkindnyc: MISSING PERSON: Pedro Juan Tavarez: - 12 hours ago

@caringkindnyc: MISSING PERSON: Pedro Juan Tavarez: - 12 hours ago

@Pyr0te: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist - 12 hours ago

@Theotokos_Books: "Reconstructing the entire Social Order" - My Wanderer review of An Economics of Justice and Charity: Catholic Soci… - 12 hours ago

@Jkburke21Jim: @b_feilhaber22 @The_LA_Wanderer @MLS Consistency is all you can ask for. It's the talent pool. Refereeing is a last… - 12 hours ago

@The_LA_Wanderer: RT @b_feilhaber22: The question should be “how often is this called in @MLS “ and the answer is almost never. Players and coaches don’t kno… - 12 hours ago

@StudiOUPlaylist: The Wanderer - Dion - 12 hours ago

@HottestDealsOn: Go see Antelope Canyon! Get $50 Lyft credit to ride there free, use code VEX #travelpics #wanderer ||\ The Hottest Deals On The WWW /|| - 12 hours ago

@MindTendencies: @quiet__wanderer You are welcome Rebecca Yes, what you wrote was one of the goals I tried to achieve with this tweet Thank you :) - 12 hours ago

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@Nocturnalcrazie: RT @phscrill: “In between pages, I’m an emperor. An adventurer. A warrior and a wanderer. In between the pages I’m not myself - and more my… - 12 hours ago

@RiversEdgeList: Paddy The Wanderer - Can't Help Yourself - 12 hours ago

@alvedaking: President #Trump “is present to the pro-life movement:” Father Frank Pavone in The Wanderer. - 12 hours ago

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@Wanderer_Grace: V "I have a shoe!!" R "Be quiet" H "there's a LIVE COCKROACH in the house!!!!" R "you can still be quiet." - 12 hours ago

@tlwhindia: The Indus flowing towards Pakistan. Haven’t seen water so blue! . . #travel #instatravel #travelgram #travelblogger… - 12 hours ago

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