2024-03-04 Stephen Salter, South African-born Scottish academic., dies at age 85
Stephen Salter (85)
South African-born Scottish academic.

2024-03-04 Oscar Ghiglia, Italian classical guitarist., dies at age 85
Oscar Ghiglia (85)
Italian classical guitarist.

2024-03-04 Makoto Shinohara, Japanese composer., dies at age 92
Makoto Shinohara (92)
Japanese composer.

2024-03-04 Claudio Tognolli, Brazilian investigative journalist (Veja, dies at age 60
Claudio Tognolli (60)
Brazilian investigative journalist (Veja

Last week

Tizway, American Thoroughbred racehorse, dies at age 19

Tizway (19)

American Thoroughbred racehorse

Jaclyn Jose, Filipino actress (The Flor Contemplacion Story, dies at age 59

Jaclyn Jose (59)

Filipino actress (The Flor Contemplacion Story

Ed Ott, American baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates, dies at age 72

Ed Ott (72)

American baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates

Iris Apfel, American businesswoman and designer., dies at age 102

Iris Apfel (102)

American businesswoman and designer.

Paul Houde, Canadian actor (Les Boys) and television and radio host., dies at age 69

Paul Houde (69)

Canadian actor (Les Boys) and television and radio host.

Dale Messer, American football player (San Francisco 49ers)., dies at age 86

Dale Messer (86)

American football player (San Francisco 49ers).

John Etty, English rugby league player (Batley Bulldogs, dies at age 97

John Etty (97)

English rugby league player (Batley Bulldogs

Andy Russell, American football player (Pittsburgh Steelers)., dies at age 82

Andy Russell (82)

American football player (Pittsburgh Steelers).

Bob Heil, American sound and radio engineer., dies at age 83

Bob Heil (83)

American sound and radio engineer.

K. Shivram, Indian actor (Baa Nalle Madhuchandrake, dies at age 70

K. Shivram (70)

Indian actor (Baa Nalle Madhuchandrake

Avtar Saini, American microprocessor designer and developer., dies at age -1

Avtar Saini

American microprocessor designer and developer.

Dave Myers, English television presenter (Hairy Bikers), dies at age 66

Dave Myers (66)

English television presenter (Hairy Bikers)

John Day, British Royal Air Force officer., dies at age 76

John Day (76)

British Royal Air Force officer.

Larry Demery, American baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates)., dies at age 70

Larry Demery (70)

American baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates).

Craig Roh, American football player (BC Lions, dies at age 33

Craig Roh (33)

American football player (BC Lions

John Farber, Romanian-born American businessmen and billionaire., dies at age 98

John Farber (98)

Romanian-born American businessmen and billionaire.

Hector Ortiz, Puerto Rican baseball player (Kansas City Royals) and coach (Texas Rangers), dies at age 54

Hector Ortiz (54)

Puerto Rican baseball player (Kansas City Royals) and coach (Texas Rangers)

Edy Paryono, Indonesian football manager (PSIS Semarang, dies at age 69

Edy Paryono (69)

Indonesian football manager (PSIS Semarang

Ahmed Salim, Bangladeshi painter and convicted murderer hanged in Singapore, dies at age 35

Ahmed Salim (35)

Bangladeshi painter and convicted murderer hanged in Singapore

Virgil, American professional wrestler (WWE, dies at age 72

Virgil (72)

American professional wrestler (WWE

Frank Popoff, Bulgarian-born American businessman (Dow Chemical Company, dies at age 88

Frank Popoff (88)

Bulgarian-born American businessman (Dow Chemical Company

Dan Wilcox, American screenwriter and producer (M*A*S*H)., dies at age 82

Dan Wilcox (82)

American screenwriter and producer (M*A*S*H).

Li Peicheng, Chinese agricultural soil and water engineer., dies at age 89

Li Peicheng (89)

Chinese agricultural soil and water engineer.

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