2023-03-21 Muhammad Sayab Khalid Khan, Pakistani politician., dies at age 82
Muhammad Sayab Khalid Khan (82)
Pakistani politician.

2023-03-21 Osvaldo Héctor Cruz, Argentine footballer., dies at age 91
Osvaldo Héctor Cruz (91)
Argentine footballer.

2023-03-21 Anthony Akoto Osei, Ghanaian banker and politician., dies at age 69
Anthony Akoto Osei (69)
Ghanaian banker and politician.

2023-03-21 Toon Meerman, Dutch footballer (Feyenoord, dies at age 89
Toon Meerman (89)
Dutch footballer (Feyenoord

2023-03-21 Oleksandr Kozarenko, Ukrainian composer, dies at age 59
Oleksandr Kozarenko (59)
Ukrainian composer

2023-03-21 Yehezkel Chazom, Israeli footballer (Hapoel Tel Aviv, dies at age 76
Yehezkel Chazom (76)
Israeli footballer (Hapoel Tel Aviv

2023-03-21 Virginia Zeani, Romanian operatic soprano., dies at age 97
Virginia Zeani (97)
Romanian operatic soprano.

2023-03-21 Dorothy Bohm, Russian-born British photographer., dies at age 98
Dorothy Bohm (98)
Russian-born British photographer.

2023-03-21 Francesco Maselli, Italian film director and screenwriter (Time of Indifference, dies at age 92
Francesco Maselli (92)
Italian film director and screenwriter (Time of Indifference

2023-03-21 Harri Nykänen, Finnish writer., dies at age 69
Harri Nykänen (69)
Finnish writer.

2023-03-21 Katalin Benkő, Hungarian Olympic sprint canoeist (1964)., dies at age 81
Katalin Benkő (81)
Hungarian Olympic sprint canoeist (1964).

2023-03-21 Sir James Dunbar-Nasmith, British conservation architect., dies at age 96
Sir James Dunbar-Nasmith (96)
British conservation architect.

2023-03-21 Anita Thallaug, Norwegian singer and actress., dies at age 85
Anita Thallaug (85)
Norwegian singer and actress.

2023-03-21 Janez Gorišek, Slovenian civil engineer, dies at age 89
Janez Gorišek (89)
Slovenian civil engineer

2023-03-21 Rolf Brack, German handball player and coach., dies at age 69
Rolf Brack (69)
German handball player and coach.

2023-03-21 Kovai Guna, Indian actor (Naalaiya Pozhuthum Unnodu, dies at age -1
Kovai Guna
Indian actor (Naalaiya Pozhuthum Unnodu

2023-03-21 Kicking King, Irish Thoroughbred racehorse., dies at age 25
Kicking King (25)
Irish Thoroughbred racehorse.

2023-03-21 Jag Mohan Nath, Indian Air Force officer., dies at age -1
Jag Mohan Nath
Indian Air Force officer.

2023-03-21 Shamim Sikder, Bangladeshi sculptor (Shoparjito Shadhinota)., dies at age 70
Shamim Sikder (70)
Bangladeshi sculptor (Shoparjito Shadhinota).

Last week

Dot Wilkinson, American Hall of Fame bowler and softball player., dies at age 101

Dot Wilkinson (101)

American Hall of Fame bowler and softball player.

Peter Hardy, Australian actor (The Pursuit of Happiness, dies at age 66

Peter Hardy (66)

Australian actor (The Pursuit of Happiness

Phil Titus, British bass guitarist (Morning Parade)., dies at age 36

Phil Titus (36)

British bass guitarist (Morning Parade).

Guy Troy, American Olympic pentathlete., dies at age 100

Guy Troy (100)

American Olympic pentathlete.

Hal Dresner, American screenwriter  (The Eiger Sanction, dies at age 85

Hal Dresner (85)

American screenwriter (The Eiger Sanction

Fuzzy Haskins, American Hall of Fame singer (Parliament-Funkadelic)., dies at age 81

Fuzzy Haskins (81)

American Hall of Fame singer (Parliament-Funkadelic).

Terry Grier, Canadian university administrator and politician, dies at age 86

Terry Grier (86)

Canadian university administrator and politician

Jeff Gaylord, American professional wrestler and football player (Toronto Argonauts)., dies at age 64

Jeff Gaylord (64)

American professional wrestler and football player (Toronto Argonauts).

Don Megson, English football player (Sheffield Wednesday, dies at age 86

Don Megson (86)

English football player (Sheffield Wednesday

Bobby Caldwell, American singer (

Bobby Caldwell (71)

American singer ("What You Won't Do for Love") and songwriter ("The Next Time I Fall").

Glen Weir, Canadian Hall of Fame football player (Montreal Alouettes)., dies at age 71

Glen Weir (71)

Canadian Hall of Fame football player (Montreal Alouettes).

Jim Gordon, American musician (Derek and the Dominos) and convicted murderer., dies at age 77

Jim Gordon (77)

American musician (Derek and the Dominos) and convicted murderer.

Dai Yinglu, Chinese screenwriter (Journey to the West) and playwright., dies at age -1

Dai Yinglu

Chinese screenwriter (Journey to the West) and playwright.

Vera Selby, English snooker and billiards player., dies at age 93

Vera Selby (93)

English snooker and billiards player.

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