Ben Riley, American jazz drummer (Thelonious Monk, dies at age 84

Ben Riley (84)

American jazz drummer (Thelonious Monk

Al Neil, Canadian musician and artist., dies at age 93

Al Neil (93)

Canadian musician and artist.

Dik Mik, British keyboard player (Hawkwind)., dies at age -1

Dik Mik

British keyboard player (Hawkwind).

Chad Hanks, American rock bassist (American Head Charge)., dies at age 46

Chad Hanks (46)

American rock bassist (American Head Charge).

Fred Cole, American singer and musician (The Lollipop Shoppe, dies at age 69

Fred Cole (69)

American singer and musician (The Lollipop Shoppe

Chuck Mosley, American singer (Faith No More) and songwriter (

Chuck Mosley (57)

American singer (Faith No More) and songwriter ("We Care a Lot").

Shadia, Egyptian film actress and singer., dies at age 88

Shadia (88)

Egyptian film actress and singer.

Katie Lee, American folk singer and environmentalist., dies at age 98

Katie Lee (98)

American folk singer and environmentalist.

Juliette, Canadian singer and television host., dies at age 91

Juliette (91)

Canadian singer and television host.

Dick Noel, band singer and

Dick Noel (90)

band singer and "King of the Jingles."

Larry Ray, American rock guitarist (Outrageous Cherry), dies at age 63

Larry Ray (63)

American rock guitarist (Outrageous Cherry)

George Young, British-born Australian musician (The Easybeats)., dies at age 70

George Young (70)

British-born Australian musician (The Easybeats).

Iain Shedden, Australian musician (The Saints) and journalist., dies at age 60

Iain Shedden (60)

Australian musician (The Saints) and journalist.

Lionel Ames, American actor and singer (Thundering Jets, dies at age 94

Lionel Ames (94)

American actor and singer (Thundering Jets

Tom Paley, American folk musician (New Lost City Ramblers)., dies at age 89

Tom Paley (89)

American folk musician (New Lost City Ramblers).

Joy Fleming, German singer (Eurovision Song Contest 1975)., dies at age 73

Joy Fleming (73)

German singer (Eurovision Song Contest 1975).