Tom Lehrer

Mathematician, teacher, lyricist, pianist, composer, singer/songwriter

Has Tom Lehrer died??

It appears not, Tom Lehrer seems very much alive, currently at age 90

Tweets related to Tom Lehrer

@thegreatSQLizer: @DogmanRespecter In the words of Tom Lehrer, "To think of all the marvelous ways they're using plastics nowadays."

@PYPAfestival: “Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.” -Tom Lehrer

@CaptivaEchoDot: Listening to Poisoning Pigeons in the Park by Tom Lehrer from The Tom Lehrer Collection 1953-60.

@TheJonfen: #NowPlaying - The Masochism Tango by Tom Lehrer

@SKRHardwick: @chessninja Made me think of "That's mathematics" by Tom Lehrer. Is that a take on something else?

@spicygarage: @jomo87 Along the same vein, the legendary Tom Lehrer's "The elements"

@gilliard_uk: @Miss_Sandra_uk Love Tom Lehrer, he’s brilliant.

@carlbelles: @petersagal @Fahrenthold @FoxNews +1 for the Tom Lehrer reference.

@TwoOwlsFarm: And they'll all go together when they go.......sliding down the razor blade of life.... Tom Lehrer

@lesley_mumbray: @grahnort @carolinewestend @ThePlayhouseLDN Graham, do you know any way of contacting the great Tom Lehrer? He and…

@lesley_mumbray: Desperately trying to reach Tom Lehrer, who was staying at the Holiday Inn in High Wycombe with his family but they…

@alizasongbird: @petersagal @Fahrenthold I love how often you quote tom lehrer

@aaronbachmann: @petersagal Peter Sagal Twitter: Come for the insight, stick around for the Tom Lehrer references.

@Tom_de_Belfore: @montytaby Wen dem so ist,muss man dies ändern, bevor es zu spät ist, um die Folgen des Klimawandels halbwegs ertr…

@Captain_Carr0t: @Labourcat Even though the prospect sickens. I love Tom Lehrer's look on the world.

@WZBC_Live: Tom Lehrer - A Christmas Carol

@JcantorWeinberg: [email protected] . Good Hannukah music--Tom Lehrer "Hannukah in Santa Monica" & Erran Barron Cohen "Songs in the Key of Hannuka…

@VermisstPfarrer: @jonsnowC4 ...and we'll all go together when we go. (With apologies to Tom Lehrer)

@Troyliss: @envchemjen @AndrewDessler I was going to say 100% chance of Tom Lehrer, even without taking into account the pollution song.

@cafrindorrell: @Labourcat I love Tom Lehrer, my Dad loved him too. I have happy memories of listening to his records with Dad. "fi…

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