Joe Evans

American jazz alto saxophonist.
Died on Friday January 17th 2014

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@AmazingJuliee: i just drank out of a water fountain at school…if i die someone please tell Chris Evans & Sebastian Stan & Joe Manganiello that I loved them

@joshnicooo: And a bit of Sam Evans, and a little Joe Hart, maybe Matt will do hahaha "the missing kid" 😂😂 @janemarielynch

@Joe__Johnston1: RT @will_avfc: Hope we don't sign Jonny Evans, he's no better than what we've got 😴

@intbuddy: Donald Evans is a favorite person of mine. His worth ethic, his attitude and his dedication really set him apart. Joe Greene


@stageworksej: StageWorks runs so successfully because it has the 'DREAM TEAM' coaching the students. Joe Evans, Eleanor Johnson,...

@Marc_Dilf_Evans: RT @LFC_360: It's been three seasons; still waiting for Joe Allen's value to triple as Brendan thought it would.

@Joe_Kioko: Governor Evans Kidero terribly lacks passion and charisma when delivering speeches. I would recommend he gets a lesson on public speaking.

@Joe_A_Evans: Hey, Wearable Tech thanks for following me and my work. You're awesome and I hope you enjoy!

@dacardle: RT @captain_luv: Scott Cardle becomes latest Joe Gallagher fighter to claim British title: Cardle beats Craig Evans to secure L... http://t…

@eric_d_evans: I liked a @YouTube video Joe Rogan Kale Shake & Supplements

@ZiggyOfAk: @Champ_Dawg9 @Joe__Miami @SteveMGolf that would be ridiculous to say and not every throw to evans was luck but look at the fall already

@Champ_Dawg9: @ZiggyOfAk @Joe__Miami @SteveMGolf So soph year the 231 other completions for 2800+ yards and 25 not to Evans was all luck and 50/50 balls?

@justin_evans: RT @jazayerli: John Danks became the 1st pitcher since Milt Gaston in 1928 to throw a 9-inning shutout despite allowing 16+ total bases. (h…

@SteveMGolf: @ZiggyOfAk @Joe__Miami you right. Manziel was trash, he just won a Heisman and had 37 pass TD's all bc of Evans and hype. K.

@ZiggyOfAk: @SteveMGolf @Joe__Miami Evans went early for a reason

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