Dick Trickle

American NASCAR driver
Died on Thursday May 16th 2013

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@pepsinacup: Dick Trickle #ThingsThatSoundSexual

@SCackalackey: @EB_Bob ~dick trickle's name always reminded me of a film noir / pulp fiction era hard-boiled detective. or a 70's porn star.

@EB_Bob: Dick Trickle #ThingsThatSoundSexual

@TheRealMattL: @RaoulDuke99 Dick Trickle....#ThingsThatSoundSexual


@RaoulDuke99: #NASCAR legend Dick Trickle #ThingsThatSoundSexual

@Demetriawnjc: RT @sarahcha__: "Well it looks like Dick Trickle lost a nut"

@grandmaking25: dick trickle is the worst name ive ever heard of

@ElizabethNels0n: @MarkBLP ROFL TRUE,😏 sounds like an STD😂 and if he were in the military he'd be Trickle Dick 😉

@95_TilliIfinity: RT @ElizabethNels0n: #ThingsThatSoundSexual Dick Trickle http://t.co/OouuD522Yg

@TheLoneRaider73: #ThingsThatSoundSexual Dick Trickle http://t.co/xZVtT7xSA0

@grandmaking25: RT @ElizabethNels0n: #ThingsThatSoundSexual Dick Trickle http://t.co/OouuD522Yg

@chkchkbobuck: dick trickle #thingsthatsoundsexual

@ElizabethNels0n: #ThingsThatSoundSexual Dick Trickle http://t.co/OouuD522Yg

@dhjshi_shi: @ZachWeiner there's a race car driver named Dick Trickle

@RealKBot: RT @dasinger22: Dick Trickle #ThingsThatSoundSexual http://t.co/x5g6Srui6v

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