Clyde Snow

American forensic anthropologist
Died on Friday May 16th 2014

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Tweets related to Clyde Snow:

@TarHeelKerwin: @Clyde_Snow it'll be 8 years in a matter of days since my high school graduation

@Clyde_Snow: @TarHeelKerwin thanks man. I appreciate it!

@TarHeelKerwin: @Clyde_Snow Congrats bro!

@Clyde_Snow: @TarHeelKerwin yes sir! Finally lol


@TarHeelKerwin: @Clyde_Snow you graduated?

@Clyde_Snow: @TarHeelKerwin grad parties man! 😂

@TarHeelKerwin: @Clyde_Snow what happened 😂

@Clyde_Snow: @TarHeelKerwin it's been a crazy weekend and I'm excited to finally just get in bed and relax! 😂

@TarHeelKerwin: @Clyde_Snow okay... 😳😳

@Clyde_Snow: My bed has never looked so gorgeous. It's been a while since I've seen her. I'm glad we are reunited

@Clyde_Snow: RT @2015Seniors: College is going to be so much better than highschool

@Clyde_Snow: This summer is gonna be real nice

@Clyde_Snow: RT @brianbarnes77: Sometimes I can't tell the difference of whether I'm actually hungry or just bored...

@Clyde_Snow: RT @OurFreeAmerica: It's a beautiful morning in the most beautiful country in the world #USA🇺🇸

@Clyde_Snow: When you kill that fly that has been keeping you awake the past few nights. 😎 #bangbang

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