Louise Wilson

British fashion academic (Central Saint Martins).
Died on Friday May 16th 2014

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@usaidassist_: TPEassist: loulou_wilson Hi Louise, your tickets will be valid on any TPE service that day ^SM

@TPEassist: @loulou_wilson Hi Louise, your tickets will be valid on any TPE service that day ^SM

@northernrailorg: @loulou_wilson Hi Louise, we will know more about the train plans later in the week, hopefully tomorrow. We need to know the full extent (1)

@nationalrailenq: @loulou_wilson Hi Louise. You would need to check this with the train operator you're travelling with.


@Louise_A_Wilson: Letters of my Boulton gr-uncles in #FWW #WW1 now in book form, looking to publish. One bro in Brit Army (RAMC), other an ANZAC (artillery)

@VinIsVain: @fuckme007fuck @louise_a_wilson whats that?

@Louise_A_Wilson: Busy 'Awards' lunch at Aust Inst of Genealogical Studies (AIGS) in Melbourne today. Entries from around Australia #Genealogy #FamilyHistory

@RoseyMay58: Working Younique with my business partner Charlene Wilson and my daughter in law Louise who has just joined the... http://t.co/f6AltmRWTd

@codejunky18: LIVE NOW! http://t.co/STziiIxGnO http://t.co/jofJb79As9

@JoniJuliadi: RT @coco_e_phoenix: Wilson Martins Coutinho, Dog Protector https://t.co/yjCy2DhlSi @PageantsNEWS @Louise_g94

@WexNaoz: Come hear a live DJ set by Dizko Floor on @Mixify. Details here - http://t.co/C6lHfs3I6b http://t.co/C6lHfs3I6b

@codejunky18: Live in 3 hours Its just that sublime oldschool feel again! Oldskool House cords in 3 Hours!... http://t.co/k3TEXckbne

@tujypygaryru: RT @anjastang: The "ghost horse" outside St Paul's Cathedral, styled by Sarah Burton for the Louise Wilson OBE… http://t.co/mXWbrHCsxD

@suvaxawomis: RT @FashionFilmFest: An incredible memorial service for Louise Wilson today at St Paul’s cathedral. Thank you to the organisers & family! h…

@Wilson__Valdez: @benshapiro @BuzzFeedAndrew Talk about glass houses, Benny boy.....jeez louise.. http://t.co/HNGPC3kc6B

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