Sir Charles Read

Australian air marshal.
Died on Wednesday September 17th 2014

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@HeritageWebsite: Born #otd 1849, Sir Charles Cavendish Boyle, author of the Ode to Newfoundland. Read more:

@ConductorThrift: Sincerely recommending the new book on Sir Charles Mackerras ed. Nigel Simeone & John Tyrrell - great read.

@elkins_charles: @POTUS sir read story about Kenyan lawyer wanting to marry đź’‘ your daughter. I think you should get some chickens in the deal

@JamieLee425: Basketball concussions aren't as bad as football concussions!? Sir Charles needs to read up. #softwoodfloors


@benmwas: What else are you reading if you haven't read @bikozulu 's interview with Sir Charles Njonjo, what?!

@_Kips254: interesting read..Sir Charles Njonjo doesn'n watch tv and he doesn't what favebook is

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