Howard Sheppard

Canadian politician
Died on Monday September 16th 2013

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@SexGodHolmes: @Mark_Sheppard //Happy birthday honey! The girlfriend and I,(@Lauren_Howard_H) wish you all the best! Don't drink too much now! 😉🎁🎉🍻

@Lauren_Howard_H: RT @Confused_peanut: @JensenAckles @Mark_Sheppard thanks for the awesome photo with my beautiful daughter Piper #AHBL6…

@Lauren_Howard_H: RT @King_OfTheTrunk: @Mark_Sheppard Or something because I've been talking about it for a year (Oh no I sound like a stalker) THANK YOU FOR…

@Lauren_Howard_H: RT @King_OfTheTrunk: @Mark_Sheppard It's really short notice but My mid year resolution was to meet you at least once and my girlfriend wil…


@Lauren_Howard_H: RT @King_OfTheTrunk: @Mark_Sheppard Um.. Hello! I would really really appreciate it if you could come to Manchester comic con on the 25/26…

@roadgorilla: Howard Sheppard, Inc.

@sheppard_alyssa: RT @OfficialDooley: If yo girl texts back slow u gotta hit her with "so who else u texting?" Watch her get more defensive than dwight Howar…

@roadgorilla: Howard Sheppard, Inc.

@OntBluesRugby: Blues Starting XV v. @NYOldBlueRFC: 1. Rob Brouwer 2. Eric Howard 3. Tom Dolezel 4. Scott Dunham 5. Mike Sheppard #BackYourBlues

@Lauren_Howard_H: //I haven't slept yet and it's 9am 😕 All I did was watch Mark Sheppard videos and read MorMor and Johnlock fanfiction 😕

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