Jackie Cain

American jazz vocalist (Jackie and Roy)
Died on Monday September 15th 2014

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@FredericSuffet: Singers in Jazz #jazzonyoutube Jackie Cain & Roy Kral on TV https://t.co/JRA3mNiSNP via @YouTube

@Madonna_Watch: #Records Funk 45 JACKIE CAIN & ROY KRAL Winds Of Heaven/Lady #Madonna HEAR http://t.co/I9j3beASaa #Record #Discount

@casonorberto: JACKIE CAIN ADN ROY KRAL "PROMO" Double Take SOPJ-107 LP Au1711 http://t.co/gNHje5hU7L http://t.co/xxqmMKr72t

@HubNews1: The Hub of the Universe: Boston News is out! http://t.co/UkYnkuFjG4 Stories via @UCL_IBME @jackie_cain @KGsmindgrapes


@jackie_cain: So many new projects from #NorthEnd businessman Frank DePasquale. http://t.co/M5DswXFt5l http://t.co/EZ3mBHmji4

@jackie_cain: Oh nooo, poor @TownsmanBoston & its soaked patrons. Hopefully it dries out & reopens soon! http://t.co/i3HYlhQMAH http://t.co/7cJUJEJhMX

@jackie_cain: Asparagus Time at 80 Thoreau; Northern New England Beer Dinner at Foundry on Elm http://t.co/qT5OXZdx3l http://t.co/EC0Ujfkwhe

@jackie_cain: Tooootally not enough fast-casual burger options around these parts. http://t.co/riT5cilDfx http://t.co/3M29a1OhvK

@jackie_cain: Ariana will bring another option for Afghani cuisine to #Brighton early this summer. http://t.co/Uzzgj9tDtD http://t.co/hkxgi5VP90

@jackie_cain: 3 different cuisines are represented at 2 new places, @GarciaBrogansWa & #Allston's Mala. http://t.co/9JcWNfLjfN http://t.co/yb74LA6QM5

@jackie_cain: The @JugosBoston poolside pop-up will fill you w fresh treats & island vibes this summer. http://t.co/SwL7FBTfze http://t.co/iwHAqfb17s

@iLovePortsmouth: The Portsmouth Daily is out! http://t.co/WCgzSVzzay Stories via @UoPEvents @create_up @jackie_cain

@irabienponcio: Sean Connery Jackie Gleason Michael Cain 35mm color slide transparency IM387 http://t.co/d6KulclwxL http://t.co/2EN3tVTPLe

@jackie_cain: Get your champagne bottle sabers ready: @BISqCambridge is opening on Saturday. http://t.co/08fDJwORe8 http://t.co/AL6sKDStHh

@jackie_cain: Strong late-night sales @CloverHFI aren't just drunk munchies, the CEO tells @CambridgeDay http://t.co/kEIvUKG9XM http://t.co/3nCzDlFpkw

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