David Cheung

Hong Kong educator and pastor
Died on Monday September 16th 2013

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@David_Naman: #7 CHEUNG: http://t.co/70Qw5xNHE6 tramite @YouTube

@David_Naman: Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube: http://t.co/70Qw5xNHE6 #7 CHEUNG

@_david_cheung: RT @HankQuellhorst: Bill Mye is teaching more chemistry than Mr. Bannit

@liiilwork: @_david_cheung i saw that today 😂😂😂


@_david_cheung: @liiilwork yes😂

@liiilwork: @_david_cheung Netflix??

@_david_cheung: Hank just turned on bill nye

@_david_cheung: Golden goal is the worst idea ever

@_david_cheung: The Norte dame vs saint Joseph 7s game was 🔥🔥

@_david_cheung: @_p_d_h_ you won't @ him though

@_david_cheung: Couldn't be more grateful to be apart of the rugby team and it won't be the same without the seniors next year.. #thankyouseniors

@_david_cheung: State runner up two years in a row...

@_david_cheung: Heck of a game today could've gone either way but congrats on HSE for getting the dub and the state title @HSErugby @FHS_Rugby

@_david_cheung: RT @FHSTigerCage: Also today! @FHS_Rugby plays in the State Championship! Fishers vs. Hamilton Southeastern. 1:30. Elkhart Moose Grounds. G…

@_david_cheung: I'd give just about anything to be able to play tomorrow

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