Kate Moss

Model, fashion designer

Has Kate Moss died??

It appears not, Kate Moss seems very much alive, currently at age 44

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@historylvrsclub: Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Linda Evangelista at the premiere of In the Name of the Father, MoMA, NYC, 1994.

@BestFashionFact: "It's a sin to be tired." Kate Moss

@BotOnBotAction: I painted "Stylish Del Boy Trotter" after reading @PointlessBlog's latest tweets with lively lamb-white, confident…

@WilliamMcCandli: RT @JenandZen: Markie Mark grabbing his junk and joking about AIDS... While macking on a shirtless Kate Moss. It was a simpler time. A mo…

@Rivokhay: @Atheistjewish Kate moss vücudu out, kardahsian vücudu in derken olay başka şeye döndü. Beğenen var zevk meselesi

@FrankWords_: @PugzuThesaurus Brilliant. And a "muse" as well. Maybe there's a chance for Kate Moss... (I know she's not black but..)

@jennyferdanzas: RT @DerechoEnTende1: Kate Moss by Tim Walker for Vogue US April 2012 ❤️

@moonleviwho: RT @tinypaleprinces: Like our icon Kate Moss once said. Nothing Taste as good ass... shitting.. feels

@sarahkesler1: Rimmel by Kate Moss Lipstick Swatches & Declutter

@CitizenFemme: Meet Lily Jones, the bespoke cake maker who counts Elton John and Kate Moss as clients...

@barbietchy: I credit Vodianova and Kate Moss as my favorite models.

@cek15: @tictoc @Sothebys Why Kate moss? That seems kinda random.

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