Andrew Quintero

American scientist and entrepreneur (JumpStartFund)
Died on Sunday May 4th 2014

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@Andrew_Quintero: @lexi_satingin I love you babe ☺️❤️

@lexi_satingin: One year down, So many more to come! I love you so much ❤😩 @Andrew_Quintero

@lexi_satingin: @Andrew_Quintero I love you lots babe❤ thanks for the amazing year

@Andrew_Quintero: Can finally say we have been dating for a year , I love you so much @lexi_satingin ❤️


@Andrew_Quintero: RT @conspiracyimage: ISIS Explained...

@superjones530: @Andrew_Quintero Na that's a neck

@davidtapatio_: @Andrew_Quintero truu but without him they wuldnt be in OT

@Andrew_Quintero: @davidtapatio_ I'm going for the cavs lol ?? He took terrible ass shots in huge moments , he tried winning it by himself in ot lol

@Andrew_Quintero: He better be buying dellavadova dinner

@Andrew_Quintero: Lebron chill you fucked up your team

@Andrew_Quintero: But honestly Lebron is losing his team the game

@Andrew_Quintero: This game is stupid

@Andrew_Quintero: Good refs

@Andrew_Quintero: Refs are terrible for both teams haha

@Andrew_Quintero: Man , never seen curry like this wow

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