Cynthia Layne

American jazz singer
Died on Sunday January 18th 2015

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Tweets related to Cynthia Layne:

@cynthia_layne: It still doesn't even feel like summer has started

@cynthia_layne: RT @TheSassyGoats: adios amigoats!

@EB_Layne: @kateycIausen 😂 we will See Cynthia.

@R2daO2daZ: You stole my heart ... with your beautiful soul. #pandora


@CITY1051: #NP @Shontelle_Layne (T-Shirt Original) #BreakfastInTheCity with @kemismallzz, @Cynthia_cvon, @DANFOSTER1051 & @oscarinthecity

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