Chris Welp

German basketball player (Washington Huskies)
Died on Sunday March 1st 2015

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Tweets related to Chris Welp:

@KDazzle100: Welp, I've seen Chris and Nick. I have gotten my life and now I'm going to shleeeeep. Night y'all. Lol

@evanschrisx: honestly though me and Chris are perfect for each other 😭 I practically live there welp

@mrsbeberobinson: Wow! Welp, Ruth Chris is hiring on the spot for all front of house positions because everyone in their will be...

@ZeroFlame16: Welp looks like nothing on my Summer Movie Radar till Jurassic World....Long Live Chris Pratt...and his TV/Film Career


@johansen_chris: Welp💤💤💤

@chris_sgarcia: welp phone just cracked, someone sell me a 5!

@chris_da_fur: @ZekZebZab welp

@kahmil_: @chris_ambition welp

@chris_TMXO: welp.

@Chris_Longoria: RT @LonghornNetwork: Welp, can't say we didn't see it coming. No baseball today for Texas and the Dallas Regional. Officially postponed til…

@xoluthien: I'm listening to MJ because of Marshall and Chris, welp.

@Mray901: @WillHeroX @chrismitchellye @TheSkyforger @iitscharli Hey Chris. Maybe we should apologize. WELP, I'm gonna go hit the hay.

@chris_lin88: Welp that's 3 nill haha

@Chris_Dempsey23: @Chris_Dempsey23 Welp... Finally got the girl we've been trying for! My boys must be good swimmers

@chris_TMXO: welp, DM's are now open for business..

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