Jack Hawkins

American Marine Corps officer (Bay of Pigs Invasion).
Died on Friday May 17th 2013

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@nicanorbojalil3: CRUEL SEA Jack Hawkins, Donald Sinden LOBBY CARD: 53 http://t.co/4qwEnAISyv http://t.co/FpbdO5Jllk

@ClCHYPIT: 2:06 dimitri jim hawkins i najwiekszy pedal jack frost

@Devin_Hawkins_: Jack Johnson always soothes the soul😌

@ReichardKonige: Lennie James! Robert Hawkins makes agent Jack Bauer look like an itty bitty bug. http://t.co/EVubzFddhB


@_Jack_Hawkins: I'm fed up of people saying I want this or want to do this , shut up and do it if you want it.

@nfrtt4ever: J'aime une vidéo @YouTube de @hawkins_n7 - Jeff the killer&Eyeless Jack&Ben- Let Me Hit It (MMD) http://t.co/m2G2fgPrW4

@JACK__SHAW: Jack Shaw: John Hawkins: 20 Questions You’re Not Supposed To Ask In America Today http://t.co/LEGxQj7y1v

@emmabyrne14: Tomato varieties I'm growing this year - Jack Hawkins, Shirley, Sungold, Golden Crown, Sparta + Bloody Butcher - sound like soap characters😄

@TheFartBoxUSA: RT We do believe the late Jack Hawkins was a regular here back in the 60's!! https://t.co/TrXAUSA1k4

@KingsHeadSW15: We do believe the late Jack Hawkins was a regular here back in the 60's!! #celebritynews

@BDJradio_com: #nowplaying on BDJ Berlin Digital Jack: Sophie B Hawkins-Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover http://t.co/WCDBeefHLf #80s #90s #radio

@jack_son_five: RT @loriedden: On Intelligence - Jeff Hawkins & Sandra Blakeslee | http://t.co/lx2aEGtWGu | Physics #ebook #Physics ebooks bestsellers

@Holly_Hawkins: So nice seeing jack yesterday, miss him loads!🙊

@trynityloves: .@chrishguerragull (Vine by Jack Hawkins) https://t.co/6bbnW5ygFE

@UNFspinnaker: UNF's Jack Findel-Hawkins lost in the Round of 64 at NCAA Singles Championship. Read more: http://t.co/HgF1v243hh

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