Gerald Edelman

American biologist
Died on Saturday May 17th 2014

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@qihagudafug: 1929年7月1日 ジェラルド=エーデルマン (Gerald Edelman) 【生物学者】 〔アメリカ〕 #誕生日

@VicenteAriztia: RT @FriedrichHayek: @VicenteAriztia see *Neural Darwinism* by Gerald Edelman.

@Ali_SyedRaza: Gerald Edelman was the basic proponent of somatic recombination theory which is essentially a very intuitive theory in itself!

@FriedrichHayek: @VicenteAriztia see *Neural Darwinism* by Gerald Edelman.


@FriedrichHayek: Gerald Edelman shows that the Hayek/Hebb model of how the synaptic brain can possibly organize the world is empirically impossible.

@qihagudafug: 1929年7月1日 ジェラルド=エーデルマン (Gerald Edelman) 【生物学者】 〔アメリカ〕 #誕生日

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