Bob Odom

American politician and power broker.
Died on Saturday May 17th 2014

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Tweets related to Bob Odom:

@Upodom_bob: @JLMcCuistion @MattClareRivals @bump_odom like the name for sure. Need more Odoms at Tech 🔫🔫👍

@fumiya_odom: RT @Hiroto_Yuki: ヤン車が東洋の前に止まってた…。ふじみ野のBOBとかいうチンピラ煙草捨てて、警備員に怒られてたし…こえぇよ

@Odom_12: RT @mariamatt2015: People who enjoy Bob's Burgers and Skizzy Mars are my type of people.

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