Billy Galligan

Irish hurler.
Died on Sunday February 5th 2023

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@mvegafierro: Randall (Hoyt Axton) regala a su hijo Billy (Zach Galligan) una extraña y entrañable mascota, que acabará dando muc… - 2 months ago

@rejectnation: Emilio Estevez and Judd Nelson were both up for the part of Billy in 'Gremlins' before it went to Zach Galligan. Al… - 2 months ago

@billy_strowlger: @TheOtherMarioC For me it was zach galligan from gremlins - 2 months ago

@deadpeoplecom: Billy Galligan, you will be missed - #BillyGalligan #Billy #Galligan #rip - 2 months ago


@FinbarRyan1: Great to see a minute’s silence for the great @ClaughaunCLG man Billy Galligan this evening 🟢⚪️ - 2 months ago

@Limerick_chicky: Sad to hear of the passing of billy Galligan. A man that loved to chat hurling. I often called into his shoemenders… - 2 months ago

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