Anne Moody

American author and civil rights activist.
Died on Thursday February 5th 2015

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@anne_rev: #ReadingList C.Epp, S.Maynard-Moody, D.Haider-Markel "Pulled Over. How police stops define race and citizenship"

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@mendezrickmend1: Coming of Age in Mississippi - Anne Moody (Autobiography) Black in the South

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@Su_Moody: RT @CHIMPSINSOCKS: Amendment: thank you Libby Anne Bruce. Posting this because I read her Facebook page.

@WillieOsi: Rest in peace to Anne Moody. I read her autobiography 10 years ago when I spotted it on a bookshelf in Iraq

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@anne_dempress: Is uncle Moody really dead ama ni ile upuzi ya kawaida kuuwa watu online??.

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