Taylor Negron

American comedian and actor (Angels in the Outfield
Died on Saturday January 10th 2015

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Tweets related to Taylor Negron:

@ERADICATORXB: RT @JoelGHodgson: Sorry to hear about the passing of Taylor Negron - he was so funny. RIP http://t.co/xLpWg7pFR2

@brigetteri: RT @Ashley_Olsen: May you rest in peace Taylor Negron! You will be missed. #Manuelo #SoLittleTime

@Veronika_Afoa: #Fashion So Little Time Volume 3 [VHS] by Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Taylor Negron, http://t.co/5Fj2FI8D35 #AshleyOlsen

@angryblackTHSS: "Can I call you DAD now???" #funnymovies #RodneyDangerfield #RIP Taylor Negron


@mccraneyangels: RT @WhoopiGoldberg: Friend Taylor Negron passed away. He influenced my work-the Valley Girl developed cause of him. I'm BETTER cause of him…

@WeBustedGhosts: Ghostbusters (1986) starring Rowan Atkinson, Nora Dunn, Taylor Negron and Daniel Auteuil (dir. Jerry Zucker)

@Illuminati322: "Pizza guy".... R.I.P. Taylor Negron. http://t.co/xvmXXLV1j6

@TransitDriveIn: @ryanwdoyle And Taylor Negron as The Pizza Guy!

@yawltzee: And while we're at it. RIP Taylor Negron. Still on my mind http://t.co/ePasroSsEd

@iamnotchjohnson: Bummer. Taylor Negron is dead. These things come in threes, so two other people are probably dead too.

@thebadjenn: RT @thetobbie: I bet white people can't say Taylor Negrón's name without feeling a tad racially insensitive...

@memoryday2: An Evening With Taylor Negron and Friends - Poetry In ... #MEMORIAL_DAY #MEMORIALDAY http://t.co/1ycPt8MWaO http://t.co/nt0rsVd3Pg

@Mel_Rook: #RipTaylor is not Taylor Negron's Uncle.

@edsoeli: RT @g1: Taylor Negron, ator e comediante americano, morre aos 57 anos http://t.co/M5UFZ62GnD #G1 http://t.co/KxMiGY0plx

@danebert: RT @DanaSchwartzzz: Taylor Negron sidles up to the bar. "I'll have a TAYLOR NEGRONI please," he says with a wink.

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