Whitney Reed

American tennis player.
Died on Friday January 9th 2015

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Tweets related to Whitney Reed:

@whitney_reed: RT @MrWhiskersYTB: "Always eat dessert first just in case you die" - @whitney_reed

@MrWhiskersYTB: "Always eat dessert first just in case you die" - @whitney_reed

@opiklonely: Silakan requestnya mas ari... ♫ Run to You by Whitney Houston (with REED) — https://t.co/3J0sBxQ2NJ

@priantesaul: Whitney Reed Wicker Set http://t.co/WoygEXpzBo http://t.co/ySOcIZfKpS


@whitney_reed: Can you save my heavydirtysoul

@____Reed: @whitneybreigh lol "baking fuxking cookies Whitney that's what I'm doin"

@whitney_reed: If i never come back tell my lover I'm sorry

@whitney_reed: @MODSUN Wish you were coming to Charleston, SC my hippy

@whitney_reed: @WADE_HIGHROLLA *when you see Whitney Reed on a snapchat* hahaha

@whitney_reed: Elle a besoin de toi, C'est la vient de Matilda

@whitney_reed: @pvrishilton hahaha I thought it was funny. Nerdy....BUT FUNNY! 😂

@pvrishilton: @whitney_reed you're such a fucking nerd lol

@whitney_reed: @pvrishilton Did you hear about the shampoo shortage in Jamaica? It's dread-full.

@whitney_reed: Onism - n. the frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time.

@whitney_reed: My friends(more like my fam) are saving me today! Thanks for looking out! ❤️

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