Sarah Kemp

Australian actress (Sons and Daughters)
Died on Friday January 9th 2015

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@srimayeedam: RT @SJBetteridge: Keeping students ‘on task’ – a new approach | Mr Kemp | #whatisschool #aussieED @scoopit

@mrkempnz: RT @SJBetteridge: Keeping students ‘on task’ – a new approach | Mr Kemp | #whatisschool #aussieED @scoopit

@SJBetteridge: Keeping students ‘on task’ – a new approach | Mr Kemp | #whatisschool #aussieED @scoopit

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@heyitsk_stew: @Sarah__182 @eatcakeandchill go away kemp i dont need your back up you lil dumbass punk xx

@DU_RoxFan17: @Sarah_L_Ford @ROOTSPORTS_RM No classic #Rockies games? I'd rather see that than watch Matt Kemp speak about his irrelevance in my life.

@kemp_travis: Haley seriously needs to get together with Andy! I do not trust Beth, at all! @Sarah_Hyland @ModernFam #ModernFamily #ModernFamilyFinale

@Sarah__182: RT @heyitsk_stew: Naw😂😂 Kemp had the chance to fire into two hot guys and she sobbed at the fkn thought of a clown 😂😂😂

@Katie_Kemp_16: @sarah_eachus26 💕

@Katie_Kemp_16: @sarah_eachus26 flies

@dayjoe212: @genny_kemp Sarah sparks?

@angutbey: @mikimikitaryan bak orda sarah kemp yaziyor gördün mü orospu beni az kalsın eniştesini siktim diye birakiyordu diplomayi alip zor kactim!

@SJBetteridge: Twitter For Teachers – A ‘live’ learning experience | Mr Kemp | #TwitterPD @scoopit

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