Shih Chun-jen

Taiwanese neurosurgeon
Died on Sunday June 18th 2017

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Tweets related to Shih Chun-jen:

@damionhinds: Shih Chun-jen, Taiwanese neurosurgeon and politician, Died at 93 - 2 years ago

@RIP2017x: #RIP2017 Shih Chun-jen. Taiwanese Minister of Health 1986-1990. Neurosurgeon. #Taiwan #Montreal #Taipei 🇹🇼 - 2 years ago

@deadpeoplecom: It's a sad day,Shih Chun-jen dies - #ShihChunjen #Shih #Chun-jen #rip - 2 years ago

@JustDiedBot: RIP Shih Chun-jen, 94, Taiwanese neurosurgeon, Minister of the Department of Health (1986–1990), heart attack. - 2 years ago

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