Horace Silver

American jazz pianist (Song for My Father
Died on Wednesday June 18th 2014

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@bluesintrinity: ♬ Horace Silver / Peace - That Healin' Feelin' #horacesilver #nowplaying

@BananaboySam: @Hibblej for a similar vibe also check out some Horace SIlver e.g. http://t.co/fcMBeRBzXK or http://t.co/nDLxKz7vsa

@acuft: Horace Silver: "Kiss Me Right" in "Doin' the Thing” #NowPlaying http://t.co/rOUr4QrBW0

@t_hisashi: RT @import_jazz: 『Blowin the Blues Away』Horace Silver 1680円 http://t.co/e4aeOkIuRH


@Bouttseeall1: Horace Silver - Song for My Father https://t.co/cnZ6FC3twl via @YouTube

@cuthel_walmea: Two classes and I can't believe how much I've learned. This is an excellent course. I'd missed out on Horace Silver somehow.

@import_jazz: 『Blowin the Blues Away』Horace Silver 1680円 http://t.co/e4aeOkIuRH

@acchi4336: Horace Silver・SWINGIN' THE SAMBA ホレス・シルバーだっ*\(^o^)/* #interfm #morninggrooves

@interfmplay: 2015-06-02 06:15 SWINGIN' THE SAMBA HORACE SILVER http://t.co/VsDmhjKb3p #interfmplay

@InterfmNowplay: HORACE SILVER/"SWINGIN' THE SAMBA"2015.06.02 06:15

@Dillon74: I'm listening to "Song For My Father" by Horace Silver on Pandora #pandora http://t.co/ruwA8gzPBQ

@girayeser: Horace Silver - Song for My Father https://t.co/WLMMFnLCYg via @YouTube

@PaulOfCreation: Horace Silver ¿Que Pasa? (Trio Version) http://t.co/5LwxhdLWvK

@PaulOfCreation: Horace Silver ¿Que Pasa? (Trio Version) http://t.co/0pspctixqU

@alonsoabilio: HORACE SILVER "The Best Of Horace Silver" Like New CD in longbox Blue Note Years http://t.co/qv5raWw9Rc http://t.co/sCmDZW4fmu

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