Shelley Morrison

American actress (Will & Grace
Died on Monday December 2nd 2019

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@OceanSolitudeME: RT @Variety: Shelley Morrison, "Will and Grace" actress, dies at 83 - 7 months ago

@shelley_05: RT @nocsg: No, Scott Morrison, my husband does NOT want to be fighting fires this summer! - 7 months ago

@AdamSco909: RT @scottgr60613: R.I.P. Shelley Morrison, Sister Sixto of The Flying Nun and Rosario Salazar of Will & Grace - 7 months ago

@Lissosweet: RT @HuertDeAuteuil: Ieri è venuta a mancare l’attrice di uno dei miei personaggi preferiti di sempre nella mia serie preferite di sempre (s… - 7 months ago

@Summerann_g: RT @CraytonCortez: so the worst news of today is that Shelley Morrison aka Rosario from Will & Grace passed away😔😔she will definitely be mi… - 7 months ago

@guclunecmi2: RT @CarolineEWasson: Teach your children how to behave with animals. Adopt a pet. Don't go buy one. Please. Shelley Morrison - 7 months ago

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@fuffy_p: 米国のTV番組「Will & Grace」のシーズン9を最近、見始めたのですがメイド役のShelley Morrison亡くなっていたのですね。残念です😢どうか安らかに。 - 7 months ago

@MohawkHabsFan: That was near bursting. And doctors said she could have died if We had waited til morning. 102 Well known People al… - 7 months ago

@luhes: RT @MeganMullally: just got a bulletin on my phone that shelley morrison has passed. my heart is heavy. putting shelley, her beloved husban… - 7 months ago

@DSMWcom: ‘Will & Grace’ Star Shelley Morrison Ddies at 83 - 7 months ago

@shelley_05: RT @StrayMutts: How about it, @WestpacMedia? Wanna help the firefighters, since Morrison doesn't give a shit? - 7 months ago

@Arkhein_: RT @cnnbrk: Shelley Morrison, the actress best known for playing a salty-tongued maid on 'Will & Grace,' has died at 83 - 7 months ago

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