Don Laws

American figure skater and coach
Died on Tuesday December 2nd 2014

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@FLSurfGirl: @JudgeMoroz Bunch of lawyers screaming about how he breaks laws, but do nothing. I don't get it either!!!!

@helen_revell: @MileyCyrus The good part about it Miley You don't have to worry about who makes the laws . Just worry about abiding by them

@Pecador09: @QandA BS,you know Damn well the laws in Australia are #pissweak and judges don't have the ball to impose a hard sentence to this morons 👎

@QOHfoundation01: KIDS DON'T DESERVE LOOP HOLES IN AN ADULT SYSTEM Adults design systems, procedures, policies, Laws, rules. The...


@DesertBratt1964: @jumblejim I don't know that a 14 year old can get a job legally because of child labor laws. I mowed lawns and babysat :-/

@MedicalQuack: @DoubleEagle49 The Best Video-Quant @Wilmott "Economists think they are scientists, they don't have laws"..

@GunsnHarleys: @M0L0NL4BE Gun control advocates aren't known for embracing logic.They think criminals that don't obey current laws will follow new ones.

@burnhemmings: RT @Ashton5SOS: @5SOSWWReports its safety laws we don't make them! 😄❤️

@ibrahimburhani: House Votes To Change Law Due To Trade Agreement, While Insisting That Trade Agreements Don't Change Laws #tech

@Dynhzmatters: Idk if this hoe got a twitter I don't know about & she following me are if ha in laws going back in tell her 😂😂☺️ idk na 😘

@silverbacksUK: ... Hey @RowdiesGameday, sack your commentators. They don't know about the Laws of the Game.

@Kim_Macintosh: When I look at my dolphin, I don't see a sea mammal, or an ocean predator. I see my soul-mate. At #Tweet4Taiji we want FAIR marriage laws!

@adaptanita: RT @SnarkysMachine: White ppl don't never want white folks to go to jail when they break laws but be real quiet on the prison to school pip…

@PraiseHisName50: @donald_g @LogicBobomb @The_GodParticle @wlockley52 @DAccampoFamily @jojohin Logic, truth, laws don't come from nothing

@djsusino: @BasedSkywalker shits fucked up. don't trust the news. I bet a big push for strict gun laws is coming.

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