Don L. Anderson

American geophysicist
Died on Tuesday December 2nd 2014

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@Carl_Da_Don: RT @Cardinals: #THATSAWINNER! Final: #STLCards 3, #Dodgers 1. W-Martinez (5-2) L-Anderson (2-3) SV-Rosenthal (15) HR-Peralta (8), Pede…

@julie3_anderson: RT @Lisa017: I don't know how anyone can deny this moment. one of the moments that convinced me about L/H 😊💜 x

@MaximeFF: Si vous avez lu Greg Egan, le modèle de Don Anderson sur l'économie du partage ne vous apprendra rien. #share

@NickLaPenna12: @K_hammer_L @DjStevie_D @DeadlineDayLive I don't honk it's gonna happen, I'd rather get Anderson from Lazio


@ep_malachowski: @samhbeckett I don't know Ms. L so that's probably a no-go. But Anderson or Morales works fine

@DoCO81323: @ABC Is this really the current calibre of ABC journalism? Hannah Arendt, John Lee Anderson. Don L. Bartlett et al, must be puking.

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