Rupert Hambro

British banker and philanthropist.
Died on Saturday February 20th 2021

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@TonyRedolfi41: prince char-les is now playing the part of joe biden in the news for a very short time.... les code, les is cod… - 2 days ago

@deadpeoplecom: Rest in peace Rupert Hambro - #RupertHambro #Rupert #Hambro #rip - 6 days ago

@migrhodes: @pablodi26542473 Clementine Hambro is Rupert’s niece. Her father was Richard, who died in 2009. - 6 days ago

@migrhodes: Peerage News | Rupert Nicholas Hambro, CBE, sometime chairman of Hambros Bank, has died aged 77 - 7 days ago

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