Roger Stanley

American politician and informant
Died on Saturday May 24th 2014

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Tweets related to Roger Stanley:

@spiderxmilk: @karimhameg lmao, Roger calls him Stanley, so I do also :p

@AngelaTsoukalas: @Liana111 @ANZOFs_United @gkbarr Ooh yeah, Stanley Webber is mighty fine. Wait until they cast Roger Mac & young Ian!!! *drools*

@spiderxmilk: Stanley has signed with an underwear brand. Roger, get it together, m8. We're waiting.

@outlanderfan_nl: Moore: “Brianna & Roger had yet to be cast” Fans of the books know these roles will need to be cast soon. #Outlander


@halakarimbenz: @Rikabi3li yes, Roger was destroying Stan, that robbed points was def the turning points for Stanley !

@bia_prestes: Stanley Weber podia ser o Roger.....MAS ok como ele é Le Comte St. Germain ele vai aparecer mais.....

@MalakAlsadek: Guys I'm gonna support Stanley,I know I shouldn't be b/c he kicked Roger out yesterday but #priorities

@CaswellSusan: @Stanley_Dexter7 No😒 She needs some good laughs and no stress! Roger that !

@myhappierplace: Love the new castings. Stanley is very attractive. We really do have the best looking cast on TV. Now I want to see Roger and Charlie.

@CharlotteDwyerX: @Powder_Gem I was never looking forward to this match sob, I kinda dislike Stanley, especially when he plays Roger

@Jori5280: What about Brianna and Roger? RT @EW #Outlander casts Stanley Weber and Robert Cavanagh for season 2: (cont)

@jandemommy: @MarkWandy So this is the scoop, Mark? Stanley playing well, Roger playing a bit less well? Was he dopey?

@FeddyBeaar: Stanley learned to make his shots right into his opponents from Roger

@SamLouiseG: RT @SaraPer01: @/stanwawrinka pls stanley. roger has 4 kids to feed

@Plushiies: RT @SaraPer01: @/stanwawrinka pls stanley. roger has 4 kids to feed

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