In Excess

Irish-born American Thoroughbred racehorse.
Died on Thursday May 23rd 2013

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@SharonKirk5: Pool water can get polluted too! Never use treating chemicals in excess. Keep earth's #WaterClean via @caretoclick

@abstruse_lily: RT @NDTVGadgets: Snapchat Gets Over $500 Million in Fresh Funding; Now Valued in Excess of $15 Billion

@AsselbergsSimon: Bill White: If it cannot be done, than the Chinese will likely try to export the excess production as an alternative.

@AsselbergsSimon: Now a real complication is the Chinese have got immense amount of excess capacity in all sorts of different areas.


@AmareshPatil2: Excess heat in the management of the National Disater duty to inform the peopl in the erquake relief protection of the environment

@sungairapat: Uttar Pradesh sues Nestle for excess lead in Maggi noodles

@caprismart: Fellow Indians, let's stop complaining of the excess heat and let's start planting trees in every bit of soil. #HeatWaveIndia

@camahore: RT @fascinatingtip: If you accidentally over salt a dish while it’s still cooking, drop in a peeled potato it absorbs the excess salt for a…

@Sarah_FTHC: I now believe that drinking in excess causes way too many problems. More than its worth.

@ExcessElect: 50 Inch Aluminum Camera Tripod with Built in Bubble Level Indicator For Gopro 1, 2, 3, ... -

@BetfairHelpdesk: @GagneDouze You will need to withdraw at least the amount you have deposited to each method before you can withdraw in excess to another.

@Britniytc: Beta trial under way. 11 members made in excess of $1 million. Free download for beta testers >>

@BadmanSophss: @Cookiejjar Lmaoooo there were fine boys there in excess 😭

@BoutwellAstrid: Beta test under way. 11 members generated in excess of $1 million. Free download for beta testers >>

@pimthalr: RT @b2slthgk: as long as you'll always love me with all my flaws I will love you in excess of any existing here "@Jsiecca: really? So,alway…

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