Hazel Hawke

Australian social activist and National Treasure
Died on Thursday May 23rd 2013

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Tweets related to Hazel Hawke:

@CurtinLibBot: 'Hazel & Bob Hawke in Bangkok hotel, 1983' http://t.co/8eCtBjnkpT

@CurtinLibBot: 'Hazel Masterson and her family with Bob Hawke, Churchman's Brook 1949' http://t.co/eh9rNVsWqV

@CurtinLibBot: 'Bob & Hazel Hawke's wedding, 3 March 1956: Hazel and Jim Masterson arriving at church' http://t.co/QOcT7Tspyk

@janecat60: @RachaelHasIdeas Yeah, a bit like Hockey's when Hazel Hawke died. "She was a constituent of mine"


@CurtinLibBot: 'Guests at Hazel & Bob Hawke's 60th birthday party, 9 December 1989' http://t.co/P4gbRDJaWd

@CurtinLibBot: 'Prince Charles with Hazel and Bob Hawke aboard HMAS Cook, 26 January 1988' http://t.co/0Adkdj3vbL

@oldkhayyam: RT @linmitdan: Found Hazel&Sue Pieters-Hawke book on Dementia good 2 @Prufrockery @Greg_MarineLab @oldkhayyam @ToniBlackmore @PomPomGrafix …

@linmitdan: Found Hazel&Sue Pieters-Hawke book on Dementia good 2 @Prufrockery @Greg_MarineLab @oldkhayyam @ToniBlackmore @PomPomGrafix @Mickledrippin

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