Liu Guangning

Chinese voice actor.
Died on Friday June 26th 2020

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@yoshiki7111: 【6月28日 Xinhua News】日本映画の中国語吹き替えを数多く担当した中国の声優、劉広寧(Liu Guangning)さんが25日、病気のため上海市で死去した。劉さん ... リンク:タ グ:#死去 - 2 weeks ago

@dead_wikipedia: Liu Guangning - 2 weeks ago

@deadpeoplecom: Sad to hear, Liu Guangning has passed away - #LiuGuangning #Liu #Guangning #rip - 3 weeks ago

@thepapercn: 81-year-old voiceover actress Liu Guangning passed away in Shanghai on June 25. She worked on about a thousand Chin… - 3 weeks ago

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