Kelly Burnett

Canadian ice hockey player.
Died on Sunday December 30th 2018

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@WorldBoxingNews: Reid learning loads from training alongside Burnett, Conlan and Kelly - 6 months ago

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@khaleesi_blast: @TrillRonHubbard @P26 @Marq_Burnett Blake was the better choice in 2014 and Jake “won” the “job” in 2015 and the na… - 6 months ago

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@P26: @Marq_Burnett In a world of Kelly Bryant’ a Jalen Hurts. That’s the message from the 🐐. - 6 months ago

@dead_wikipedia: Kelly Burnett - 6 months ago

@Greg_Beau: Sorry to see the obit for longtime Ashburn Golf Club pro Kelly Burnett today. Great guy. It sounds like he lived a… - 6 months ago

@th3SweetScience: @HarryPicton16 @AsylumTommy Yeah he has 3 real talents in Burnett Kelly and Conlan, and all 3 are being pushed in t… - 6 months ago

@HarryPicton16: @Sw33tTh3 @AsylumTommy Good shout. Work he has done with Kelly is phenomenal. Conlan also. Shame about Burnett, alt… - 6 months ago

@kelly_kellyyy: RT @NFL: Didn't count but WOW, @Deontay_Burnett! 👀 #Jets #GBvsNYJ - 6 months ago

@George_parrish1: @L_2SWEET_N @frankwarren_tv @EddieHearn Edwards v barnes Galahad v warrington Burnett v tete Kelly v garton Brook v… - 6 months ago

@benten150: @chantellecam Got some good talent as booth ie kelly and Burnett - 6 months ago

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