John Thomas Curtin

American judge
Died on Friday April 14th 2017

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@CementerioTW: John Thomas Curtin (1921-2017) Juez y magistrado estadounidense. - 9 months ago

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@deadpeoplecom: R.I.P John Thomas Curtin - #JohnThomasCurtin #John #ThomasCurtin #rip - 9 months ago

@JustDiedBot: RIP John Thomas Curtin, 95, American judge, United States District Court for Western New York. - 9 months ago

@thomas_embleton: RT @rantingratman: @CA_TimB @MilesKing10 @LandEthics Ah, with the delightful John Curtin of my acquaintance. A true credit to the animal r… - 9 months ago

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