Joe Curl

American basketball coach (University of Houston)
Died on Monday April 14th 2014

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@CRYSTAL200173: @joe_hill I'm going to curl up in bed and lose myself in one of your books today❤️

@AnokaSuper: Wow! Joe Kopp, Northdale MS fitness hall of fame 2x, curl ups, mile run, sit and reach, shuttle run, pull ups.

@TucciManBurrrr: @DerekBisgounis are you past the curl stage and on to full on Joe Dirté?

@ElectionLawCtr: Does anyone else remember the hilarious Joe Curl response to one of Chuckle's emails? "I want a boat. Send me money." @KemberleeKaye


@joe_stone: @zemblamatic @rahtella I forgot mine once and it took all my resolve to not curl up in a foetal position on the floor.

@all_time_joe: RT @x__worldonfire: @getbentsaggy i've seen @all_time_joe curl up in his sports direct mug too

@x__worldonfire: @getbentsaggy i've seen @all_time_joe curl up in his sports direct mug too

@homeromacias4: Curl Programming Bible by Golden, Joe/ Damle, Nikhil/ Al, Bruce Mount Et [Pap...

@CC4Cats: ADOPTABLE CAT: This is G.I. Joe.. formerly known as Trailer Joe. He loves a lap to curl up on, but if one isn't...

@jamesblower9: @Missy_Vintage imagine you with Joe Curl and Chris Evans. Even happier than that

@SpaceRashawn: @OvonYoung @Joe_McDonald15 fuck yo birthday nigga 😂 I'm jp happy birthday curl gang

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