Jimmy Fontana

Italian singer-songwriter
Died on Wednesday September 11th 2013

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Tweets related to Jimmy Fontana:

@Mauricioso_: Il Mondo - Jimmy Fontana ♥♥♥ #NowPlaying

@Tousozabris: Jimmy Fontana - Il Mondo, About Time (2013) https://t.co/VlHRvhirz2 via @YouTube Mariage pluvieux... Mariage heureux.... !

@radioflumeri: Jimmy Fontana - La nostra favola

@pedroffc: Belo vídeo deste grande homem que foi jimmy fontana https://t.co/TVKe5FaBx2


@PierinuUcurtu: Jimmy Fontana - Il Mondo http://t.co/Le32v1YfE2

@ItaliaFm_Sydney: #NowPlaying Il mondo - Jimmy Fontana

@mastersinogaya: Jimmy Fontana - Il Mondo 🎶 🎧

@like_a_fi: Classical music 😇 @vmf_veramanida2: Jimmy Fontana - Il Mondo (1965).wmv http://t.co/U0UzccCU62 via @YouTube

@OperaDArteRoma: Stiamo suonando Jimmy Fontana - La Nostra Favola Ascolta ora! http://t.co/vT8wbxZ235

@vmf_veramanida2: Jimmy Fontana - Il Mondo (1965).wmv https://t.co/B7tSEHuDN5 via @YouTube

@ByTheFlesh: Jimmy Fontana es el maldito amo

@jeanpinchart: Jimmy FONTANA "Il Mondo" live https://t.co/xakjZ8tpad vía @YouTube

@TwittoSpia: ►http://t.co/imLvoauSJ4◄ Jimmy Fontana: ...go on #gianlucasansone!!!!!!! #happiness #31 #JimmyFontana http://t.co/K3yQEjydwo

@eleodosob: JIMMY FONTANA Twist No. 9 SS-1334 EP wc1253 http://t.co/397HaCi3pn http://t.co/uBhnN86Sg4

@filemonose: JIMMY FONTANA Twist No. 9 SS-1334 EP wc1253 http://t.co/SZPwUtGDX4 http://t.co/YO7o9R2Ek8

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