Mel Cooke

New Zealand rugby league player (Canterbury).
Died on Tuesday September 10th 2013

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@tim_cooke: @mikebeckham no, I could imagine it wouldn’t. I hear v/line and greyhound MEL-CBR are quite reasonable

@HoneyBiz_Mel: A change gon come! (Sam Cooke voice)

@CultureDoctor: begin to read this column today. And, if you finish, you will read it again, to more stable results." Mel Cooke is the best.

@CultureDoctor: Hahahaha Mel Cooke at it again.... "This edition of Music and More with Mel could be particularly dangerous to your sense of well-being."


@Cooke_Mel: @lee_glend @GuardianUS legend lee... Congratulations!!

@CarlyWarwick: 4 years ago with @mel_cooke_ Back in Year 0, when we spent most of the uni year on the beach... :)

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