Howell Evans

Welsh actor (Stella).
Died on Tuesday September 9th 2014

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@AGEOFULTON: chris evans and sebastian stan are like dan howell and phil lester. you cant single them out on each other

@evans_erin: RT @HistoryFlick: Ralph Macchio, Matt Dillon & C. Thomas Howell in the film 'The Outsiders', 1983.

@adz_howell: F@#k you cherry Evans,what happened to singing with titans to be closer to your parents ?I don't even follow titans #DalyCherryEvans

@romiteransito: Howell T Evans - The Age of Expansion - History Reader book 6 1933


@rowilen07: Todd Carey , Luke Potter , Shawn Mendes , R5 ,Little Mix ,Hey violet , jack Johnson ,Brandon Evans , Luke Howell Solo DM? Follow @RowilenC

@scottishbulll: @Iromg David Howell Evans is edges name

@Betsy_Howell_: RT @LOVATOWORLDTOUR: if you don't love chris evans I don't love you

@mateurenato1: (1996-10-23) Mark Evans Animal Care: Dog Doctor, Mark Evans, Howell Book House,

@ps_evans: Speaker Howell is Number 1 #1taxhiker #hd28 #va28

@Emma_Cauliez: @RotoloniA oui :) tu connais Brandon Evans, Luke Howell, Luke Potter, Antix, Katie London?

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