Don Reichert

Canadian artist.
Died on Sunday September 8th 2013

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Tweets related to Don Reichert:

@reichert_klina: RT @RealMarkusR: When I give you my time, I'm giving you a portion of my life that I will never get back so don't waste it.

@reichert_kayla: RT @DigiTour: BREAKING NEWS: @DJRupp_ is joining every DIGIFEST city! Don't get left behind - get tix! ◀ RT! http://…

@nic_reichert: RT @smellkelcarroll: I dont dance, but here I am, spinning you 'round and 'round in circles it aint my style, but I don't care, I'd do anyt…

@shelbsjan: @Eli_Reichert I don't know how to interpret this


@globetoronto: Don't like stinging nettles? Eat 'em, says Bonny Reichert. #food

@reichert_adam: @reichert_adam obviously people don't text me, so this is an imaginary conversation I had with myself.

@Chris_Reichert: RT @crabdribbles: [email protected]'s Mike Gansey: "Teams who don’t have those affiliate teams right now are certainly wishing they did." http…

@Chris_Reichert: @NathanGiese Spike don't play ball with girls!

@alyssa_reichert: "I'm doing what I was doing what I was doing Monday-Thursday, but for longer because I don't have to wake up early." Doneee 😂😂

@Reichert_Nathan: Maybe triple white i don't know

@Monika_Reichert: RT @sammywilk: I really don't understand this world

@alexialopez55: Reichert readers: don't forget to wear your bulldog attire today 😊

@robin_reichert: @BiddyPronesti10 if there opened toed I don't think so

@cartermglass: Felt sad for literally 40 sec Then I remembered that I don't have Josh Reichert anymore

@CollardBrandon: @Chris_Reichert Don't do that to me at this late hour.

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