Grant Dunlap

American baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals).
Died on Wednesday September 10th 2014

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@dunlap_grant: RT @TMZ_Sports: Jahlil Okafor -- Anti-Timberwolves Rumor Is B.S.

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@ChrisJV81: @Phantele_ @JerryZgoda @dunlap_grant true.

@Phantele_: @ChrisJV81 @JerryZgoda @dunlap_grant nothing you can't find with 2 minutes and a wi-fi connection

@Phantele_: @ChrisJV81 @JerryZgoda @dunlap_grant I don't even know what to think. His HS stats are out there. Guys blabbed about his shooting all year

@ChrisJV81: @Phantele_ @JerryZgoda @dunlap_grant bizarre. Suppose he didn't have opportunity to show this at Kentucky

@dunlap_grant: @howlintwolf Jahlil is favored because he compares to Duncan and Olajuwan, offensively. And, possess the pure strength that Shaq had at LSU.

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