Jim Nevin

Australian racing cyclist.
Died on Saturday August 12th 2017

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@nevin_amanda: RT @MeowCore94: Let's help Jim find Linda. 😭 I've gotten calls about Linda since I was 12 and never knew the story until now. - 2 days ago

@deadpeoplecom: R.I.P Jim Nevin - #JimNevin #Jim #Nevin #rip - 5 days ago

@ShuffledOff: Jim Nevin (86) Cyclist - 5 days ago

@wikireaper: Bereft of life, Jim Nevin, Cyclist, now rests in peace. - 6 days ago

@CyclingAus: Vale Jim Nevin - Life Member of Cycling Australia and dual Olympian 1952 & ’56. @AUSOlympicTeam - 6 days ago

@sgurnell: @RobGutmann @michaeltnevin @PaulSenior1 Mike Nevin, the new Jim Boardman. Cheer up mate x - 1 week ago

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