Jim Hogan

Irish Olympic long-distance runner
Died on Saturday January 10th 2015

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@Mas_Stachowiak: RT @EstebanMMA: Who's more of an American hero? RT for Hulk Hogan FAV for Hacksaw Jim Duggan

@EstebanMMA: Who's more of an American hero? RT for Hulk Hogan FAV for Hacksaw Jim Duggan

@owlcity_ITBot: Big thanks to Abe Lincoln, Paul Bunyan, Billy Mays, Jim Henson, George Washington Carver, Bill Murray, Jim Croce, Hulk Hogan.

@JMIAHONLINE: "What you think about is what you bring about." -Jim Hogan


@dan_ovenden: @DannyMole29 just have to see how it goes Ahah if you become hulk hogan again Heneghan will be hacksaw Jim Duggan 😂

@dbarrath: RT @Jim_Kouzes: Fascinating research from Kevin Hogan via @HarvardBiz about the power of a simple personalized Post-It Note®. http://t.co/T…

@darla_hogan: RT @BertM51: "#LoveTriangle a la Jules and Jim, an old French film" #Today! #NewRelease! #BertMurray http://t.co/6wwCAQBd0z http://t.c…

@darla_hogan: RT @stephen_taylor: It ain't easy being Green. Or a white male seeking a job at the Jim Henson company, apparently @Nero http://t.co/0jDvCJ…

@Jim_P_05: @Jesse_Hogan Is there a breakdown of bowlers 400+ of top 6 batting order wickets taken vs tail end wickets?

@DerekBudde: @HulkHogan_pa Hogan is set and supposedly cleared by McMahon. To wrestle his official retirement special attractions match for WM32 Jim prom

@Observer90sBot: Jim Ross, in his shoulder in a ballet outfit was sent, shot as Hogan films the movie "Rough Stuff" in Miami.

@Jennifer_Hogan: @jcordery Thanks for sharing, Jim!

@zeppy_thehulk: WWF LJN Wrestling figure lot - #Hacksaw Jim Duggan - Hulk #Hogan - 13 #wrestlers, LINK: http://t.co/kmXOXZeS2A http://t.co/06fasEdjWV

@AwesomenessBot: crabbyjoes #crabbyjoesplayoffbeard #TexasCrunch #awesomeness http://t.co/xpamdP8llt — Jim Hogan (lease4trucks) May 27, 2015 — The Aweso…

@crabbyjoes: RT @AwesomenessBot: crabbyjoes #crabbyjoesplayoffbeard #TexasCrunch #awesomeness http://t.co/xpamdP8llt — Jim Hogan (lease4trucks) May 27,…

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