E. Don Taylor

Jamaican Anglican prelate
Died on Saturday May 24th 2014

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@taylor_e_turner: RT @ShawnForMMVA_rt: #ShawnForMMVA I don't even know your name

@E_Taylor_E11ETY: Damn, another property deal gone sour. sorry to anyone who lost their investment. don't message me, its out of my hands, read the smal print

@taylor_e_m: sore abs is the most satisfying feeling as long as you don't laugh

@pipertay: @PreponStew maybe cause I think Taylor has summit on the Sunday don't sh e


@tay__e: RT @TheRealJoelVan: Don't worry I'll follow you back one the finals are over Taylor

@Taylor_Higgins: @theKey_of_E I don't get et

@CandiceLibroCU: @Janet_E_Taylor @kvl @BeckyDietrich3 @BGCLondon @LondonCanoeClub don't worry all the holes are identified and getting patched!

@Michael_E_James: RT @kindseth_sam: I told Taylor that we don't have any trash cans and our washing machine is broken and our sink doesn't take milk

@e_leol: RT @melaniegreeneee: don't let ur anxieties develop u. because, like Taylor Swift said, u are not damaged goods.

@davidetaylor: "Your COMEBACK will be GREATER than the SETBACK you've experienced in life....Don't let someone who have gave up... http://t.co/po3KqflnQr

@KathrynMemes: RT @_theswiftybtch: @KathrynMemes Okay. Sabi mo e. So don't compare her to Taylor Swift, k?

@_theswiftybtch: @KathrynMemes Okay. Sabi mo e. So don't compare her to Taylor Swift, k?

@Please_don_Tell: “@SLAYTYS: "é mule, é a taylor sweet" http://t.co/DmX8xJMFAm” eu to é morto

@E_melena05: Don't wanna be clichè and say that the Taylor Swift concert tonight may have been one of the best nights of my life but....

@Anna_E_Kelly: @Wallet_TayLOR I don't want him lol.

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