Cynthia Lennon

British author
Died on Thursday April 2nd 2015

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@gwittman8: @NowhereMan2000 @varon2 Lennon married Cynthia Powell in August 1962 Couple had one son, Julian. John cheated on wife Yoko Ono. Ask son Sean

@John_CynLove823: RT @GeorgeHairyson: Rest In Piece Cynthia Powell Lennon.

@LovelikeBirkin: RT @ItsCynthiaP: Happy birthday to the beautiful Cynthia Lennon. She's a true role model and a great mother.

@LovelikeBirkin: RT @ItsCynthiaP: Rest in peace Cynthia Powell Lennon: mother,loving wife,role mother. You'll be truly missed. My thoughts go to Julian in t…


@LovelikeBirkin: RT @GeorgeHairyson: Rest In Piece Cynthia Powell Lennon.

@vivoantetusojos: RT @HistoriaPhotos: John Lennon con su novia y futura esposa, Cynthia

@thighscardoso: Just found out Cynthia Lennon died & I had no idea. :c

@thebeatless: As a joke, when it was asked for the groom to step forward at John and Cynthia Lennon's wedding, George Harrison stepped forward instead.

@mafalpeque: @CarlosVerareal cynthia lennon exacto se sta volviendo politico. Y el park con 2millons como quedará luego

@AdelaQa: Before they married, Cynthia and John Lennon attended art college together.

@KzsSHINOEL: 1958 - #Beatles #theBeatles - The friend of "John Lennon" is that "Cynthia" liked the least was a pesty - - #Music

@barkilphedro_: Julian Lennon and his mother, Cynthia Lennon.

@Chloelouelliott: RT @ringostarrmusic: Peace and love to Julian Lennon God bless Cynthia love Ringo and Barbaraxx

@QozDovie: Random Beatles Fact: both Cynthia and Julian Lennon were 17 when their fathers died. John Lennon was 17 when his mother died.

@The_Beattless: "Because John admired French star Brigette Bardot's beauty, Cynthia Lennon dyed her hair blonde and dressed similar to Bardot."

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