Chris Sutton

New Zealand scientist.
Died on Monday December 17th 2018

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@MaliMeezer: @chris_sutton73 Can see where you got your good looks from Mr Sutton 💚🍀. Merry Xmas to you both. - 2 years ago


@jonjnorman: @chris_sutton73 My former PE teacher & an absolute gent! Happy Christmas Mr Sutton - 2 years ago

@Kid__CHRIS: Merry Christmas to everyone besides Bob Sutton and the Chiefs defense! (Exception of: Chris Jones, Dee Ford, Justin Houston, and Eric Berry) - 2 years ago

@mentalkai: @chris_sutton73 Mr.Sutton, great teacher and man. - 2 years ago

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@StBrendanVoyage: @chris_sutton73 He looks a young man. Happy Christmas to the Sutton family. Hail Hail - 2 years ago

@swepreston: @chris_sutton73 Happy Xmas Chris and Mr Sutton! Looking good in your hat mate!!! X - 2 years ago

@Ryanfitzsimonss: @SambaRole Chris Sutton also said vvd best in the world - 2 years ago

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@GreenBrigade01: @chris_sutton73 Merry Christmas Mr Sutton 🎅🎁very nice @chris_sutton73 hope your dad is well what an excellent photo 👍 - 2 years ago

@tony_sutton: @chris_grimmer @Apple @Huawei Welcome to Android world! :) - 2 years ago

@ronnietheratma1: @jrwatt1980 @chris_sutton73 Jim it is the Sutton’s mate you drunk ? - 2 years ago

@sayitasicit1: @chris_sutton73 Merry Christmas Sutton Snr Please tell me you didn't just buy your old man socks Chris?🤣 - 2 years ago

@Glasgow_Lad60: @chris_sutton73 Merry Christmas Mr Sutton senior and junior. He actually looks younger than your, Chris ;-) - 2 years ago

@jordan31klein: RT @jakeberwin7: Only 6 more quarters. Keep d-line, chris harris, lindsay and Sutton. Everyone else can go @Broncos #FireVanceJoseph - 2 years ago

@JackDMagi: @chris_sutton73 Indeed. God Bless him and all the Sutton family 🍀⛄️🌲 - 2 years ago

@AndyJGrace: @chris_sutton73 So we've got him to blame have we ? 😀 Merry Xmas Mr &Mr Sutton - 2 years ago

@adamcoates26: @HLTCO • Chris Sutton - 2 years ago

@JamesThomas555: @LawrieMcKinna Laurie sorry you have got this one wrong ! Rogic priority is to play for Celtic forget the Socceroos… - 2 years ago

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@BTmale1969: @chris_sutton73 Someone tell this moron sutton (who I had never heard of before) that Asia has a far bigger population than Scottland. - 2 years ago

@marc014: @chris_sutton73 - 2 years ago

@newsnow_arsenal: Chris Sutton questions Arsenal about Aaron Ramsey decision - The Sport Review - 2 years ago

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@Roarby1957: @adampeacock3 @chris_sutton73 Every time he plays for Socceroos his transfer value to Celtic increases. Get over it Sutton . - 2 years ago

@haythamx: @G_Juve87 Chris Sutton 😂😂😂 I still frequent football forums, but back the early 2000s when message boards were a t… - 2 years ago

@KiwiJambo: @chris_sutton73 Yes all internationals should fit around the two Arse flaps that are Celtic and “ the “ Rangers,nev… - 2 years ago

@ALeagueFC: ICYMI: Following the Chris Sutton furore, Jets boss @CharlieTangoFM has compared Graham Arnold's Asian Cup squad in… - 2 years ago

@JoseMariaChiPu: RT @FOXFOOTBALL: 🤔 'Stick to your prawns and BBQs'. Scottish football pundit Chris Sutton has slammed the Socceroos for calling Tom Rogi… - 2 years ago

@Chris_Thibault: @RyanMc23 @MattHarmon_BYB Oh I agree with that. Sutton over Ham all day. Was just referring to Sanders still having value left. - 2 years ago

@Chris_Thibault: @RyanMc23 @MattHarmon_BYB Sutton but I think Sanders still has value left. Maybe I’m wrong tho. - 2 years ago

@ConanMc: @adampeacock3 @chris_sutton73 You mean Chris Sutton. Most Celtic fans haven't said a thing. - 2 years ago

@ConanMc: @KevinAirs @adampeacock3 @chris_sutton73 It's really not that many Celtic fans. It's mainly Chris Sutton. - 2 years ago

@haivl: Chris Sutton, BLV của đài BT Sport cho rằng Asian Cup là giải giành cho trẻ con! - 2 years ago

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