Clarke Fraser

Canadian medical geneticist.
Died on Wednesday December 17th 2014

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Tweets related to Clarke Fraser:

@virginmedia: @Fraser_Clarke Sorry about this, you may need to adjust your recoding settings on the TiVo®. See if this link hel...

@Fraser_Clarke: I'm spending most of today in a closed supermarket, lifetime goal achieved!

@Fraser_Clarke: NISH

@Fraser_Clarke: Get into the house and find out that my @virginmedia TiVo has only recorded BTCC from half 5. Not cool guys :((


@Fraser_Clarke: @BTCCDanWelch Top work today, Dan! Delighted to see progress being made!! Next aim, top 10!

@Fraser_Clarke: Shame ITV couldn't have put the coverage on ITV3, ITV2, ITV5, ITV Encore or ITVBEE instead of delaying it 'til tonight :(

@Fraser_Clarke: That could've been a very, very nasty one for Stewart Lines. Very fortunate hay bale positioning.

@Fraser_Clarke: Pretty excellent WTCC Race on EuroSport thenow, Citreon aren't even winning!

@Fraser_Clarke: Can't think of a better way to start a Sunday!

@Fraser_Clarke: @MrJohnNicolson Hi John, what's your take on the narrowing of Milngavie Road for the omnishambles of a cycle lane? It's become dangerous.

@Fraser_Clarke: RT @Partridge_Quote: No offence Lynne, but your life is technically not worth insuring.

@Fraser_Clarke: La Lega?

@Fraser_Clarke: RT @pritch_21: Prediction; Juventus 1-3 Barca Morata Neymar Rakitic Suarez

@Fraser_Clarke: RT @scottsas: Ashfield had 26 red cards this season, only had 7 games where they finished with 11 men

@Fraser_Clarke: The only positive about working through @DunlopBTCC tomorrow is that I'll actually be @Croft_Circuit next time!

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