Andrew Porter

British music critic
Died on Saturday April 4th 2015

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@PaulHyde7: RT @OPERANEWS: Opera News remembers the "caring elegance" and "sophisticated writing style" of critic Andrew Porter.

@jntguy: Photoset: gayoutopia: Hot bottom Porter (aka Jacob Ford) - Seancody Performer, Andrew Christian model

@andrew_porter: Worth staying up til nigh on 5am to catch a bi-yearly Arsene Wenger smile

@andrew_porter: 4-0 to the #WeAreArsenal - as complete an #FACupFinal victory as you'll ever see #COYG


@andrew_porter: Haven't we had more offsides than Villa have had shots on goal?

@andrew_porter: What luxury. Subbing on Giroud and Wilshere

@andrew_porter: Let's all pause for a moment to contemplate this truth

@andrew_porter: Hi there

@andrew_porter: Destroyation. Sanchez. Phenomenal #WeAreArsenal

@andrew_porter: RT @piersmorgan: Oh, forgot to mention... I doubled the bet. Thank you @theowalcott #FACupFinal

@andrew_porter: Theo. Simply electric #WeAreArsenal #COYG #FACupFinal

@andrew_porter: RT @SaintFrankly: What a beautiful day. What a wonderful place for a game of football. C'mon the @Arsenal !!!!! #FACup #FACupFinal

@andrew_porter: RT @BVB: Zehntausende feiern friedlich am Breitscheidplatz #ballspielfinale

@andrew_porter: South > Midlands

@andrew_porter: RT @piersmorgan: Just put £50 on @theowalcott to score 1st goal @ 6-1. #afc #facupfinal

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