William Greaves

American documentary filmmaker (Symbiopsychotaxiplasm).
Died on Monday August 25th 2014

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@Emily_Morris_: @Joegreaves_ @MattyMurphz @StuWhatIWant @watton_william @TheGrimeReport shout out Pete Greaves & Cathy D! ­čśé

@paul_greaves: Bet it killed prince william to congratulate arsenal

@BasilicaHudson: Remember! A film about a film...SYMBIOPSYCHOTAXIPLASM: TAKE ONE by William Greaves screens June 4! @FilmLinc http://t.co/HoWNeImhKT

@bfmiff: RT @thompowers: Remembering William Greaves with @SchomburgCenter curator @sholalynch http://t.co/dEf8DgCyrp


@chareveanderson: @greaves_will Happy Birthday William xxx

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